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3 Popular Game Modes Confirmed In EA Sports College Football 24 – Stick Skills


Multiple sources have confirmed that three of the most popular game modes from the NCAA Football 14 will be making a return in the next EA Sports College Football game. Those three game modes are Ultimate Team, Dynasty Mode, and Road to Glory.

Ultimate Team

There was never really a doubt that Ultimate Team would be included in EA College Football 24. It is Electronic Arts’ big money maker these days and the primary focus of all EA Sports titles.

NCAA Football 14, the last college football game that EA published, introduced Ultimate Team into the series but it never really had much of a chance to catch on before the series was put on pause for a decade. It will have that chance in the summer of 2023.

Ultimate Team has always played on nostalgia. The idea behind the game mode is you can acquire your favorite players (past and present) in order to build your own perfect team.

Maybe you are a USC fan who wants to pair current star quarterback Caleb Williams with Reggie Bush in the backfield and Keyshawn Johnson at wide receiver. That kind of the thing is only possible in Ultimate Team.

You can mix up the stadiums that you play in, the jerseys that your team wears, the playbooks your team uses, as well as many other customization options.

The glaring downside with Ultimate Team, at least in it’s current state, is it can be a constant money-pit. In order to keep up with the best teams in the game, you’ll find yourself needing to spend more and more money.

To some gamers, spending a little money each week on a game mode that you enjoy isn’t a huge deal. To others it is a complete turn off and disqualifies the game mode entirely. Regardless of how you feel about Ultimate Team, it is coming back.

That brings us to our next game mode that will be returning to EA College Football 24.

Dynasty Mode

Dynasty mode has always been one of the most popular game modes in the NCAA Football franchise and we don’t expect that to change in the next iteration of the game.

EA Sports will, of course, try to push gamers into Ultimate Team since that is by far the most profitable game mode. However, shipping the most anticipated sports video game in a decade without the one game mode that gamers are most passionate about would have been a catastrophic mistake.

In Dynasty mode, you take full control over an existing school and make all of the decisions. From recruiting, to the transfer portal, to playing the games, you are in complete control.

We don’t yet know how many seasons you’ll be able to go in Dynasty mode. In NCAA Football 14, the limit was 60 years and we’d expect a similar limit in College Football 24.

Road To Glory

Road to Glory will also be making a return in EA College Football 24. Road to Glory is often where many younger gamers start their journey.

The idea behind this mode is you create a player and you take him from high school all the way through his college career. You choose what position to play, what college to attend, whether or not to transfer, etc.

This is often one of the most fun game modes especially if you are then able to import your player into Madden and continue his career in that game.

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