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2m Delta Loop
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2m Delta Loop

In past posts, I have built several 6m Delta Loop antennas. An advantage of a Delta Loop is it does not pick up as much noise as many other antennas. Since I live in the city, I decided to built a 2m version and see how well it works for simplex operation.

The 2m Delta Loop is similar to the 6m delta but has a 120 Degree angle on one side. This changes the feed point impedance to 200 ohms.

7′ 6″ (2.3m) of 14 awg THHN wire is used for the radiating element.

The 1:1 choke is the same as used on the 6m Delta. The 4:1 has the same core as the 2:1 used in the 6m Delta Loop. The core used is a T130-0 toroid. If testing with this toroid goes well, another post will be made with how its wound.

A 3′ (1m) piece of 1/2″ PVC was used for a boom to support the delta loop. If testing goes well, brackets may be printed to attach PVC to each side of the Delta Loop.

Tuning the Delta Loop was easy since the wire was cut a little long. With a little trimming, a SWR of 1.1:1 was achieved. Testing will be done with a transmitter and an updated post will be made.


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