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white kitchen cabinets, chrome hardware, marble countertops, marble backsplash, white floating shelf

25 kitchens with white cabinets to be inspired by – COCO LAPINE DESIGN

Choosing white cabinets for the design of your kitchen is probably the safest bet you can make when you want a kitchen that is timeless. When you pick out a high-quality kitchen and opt for a white color palette, it can last for years to come. You can always update the faucet and the hardware to give it a slightly updated look over time when needed.

While it’s probably the safest choice, it doesn’t mean a white kitchen design has to be boring. Below you can find my top picks of kitchens in white, ranging from a traditional to a more modern kitchen design, from custom cabinets to Ikea models and many different layouts to be inspired by.

via Alvhem

My top 25 favorite white kitchen cabinet ideas

Minimal white cabinets with black hardware and marble countertops

This well-designed, minimal white kitchen is built inside a turn-of-the-century apartment with intricated details in the architecture. The crown moldings, curved windows, and herringbone hardwood flooring are toned down by the subtle interior design of the kitchen.

The white marble on the countertops and on the impressive kitchen island with the built-in gas stove is a true show-stopper in this large kitchen.

No upper cabinetry is used throughout the design, yet a large module has been placed on the wall opposing the windows. The black hardware and faucet contrast with the white cabinetry, which also comes back in the ceiling lamp and the ceramic vases on the counter.

via Wrede

Off-white shaker kitchen with a limestone countertop and a breakfast bar

Rather than going for a crisp white, off-white cabinetry can often have a softer effect on the interior design of a kitchen. The white wall color combined with the dark wood flooring and the beige limestone countertop has a very warm effect in the kitchen that has been toned down by the chrome hardware and the stainless steel hood.

The corner layout of the kitchen offers a lot of storage space on a small surface, while the kitchen island offers the possibility of a breakfast bar.

via Alvhem

Minimal white cabinets with wall-to-wall upper cabinets

This modern kitchen features minimal white cabinets that are built into a niche-like space up onto the adjacent wall. The white wall color, white cabinets, and light oak hardwood flooring are warmed up by the limestone countertops and the impressive black marble dining table by the window brings some contrast to the palette.

via  Nordiska kök

A classy white kitchen combined with a vintage dining table

The beautiful white cabinetry in this kitchen with off-white walls has been enhanced with white marble on the counter and backsplash, small brass hardware, and a black wall lamp. The exhaust has been hidden in a cabinet as well for a minimal look.

The real contrasting piece in this beautiful white kitchen is the beautiful vintage wood dining table, which adds so a different texture to the space.

via Entrance Makleri

White cabinets and floating marble shelving underneath a sloped ceiling

The minimal white cabinetry in this kitchen by interior designer WTP studios with sloped ceilings has been enhanced by grey marble on the countertops, and on the sloped wall for such an impressive effect. The grey marble has also been used as floating shelves above the sink.

Designed by WTP studios, kitchen by Nordiska Kök, photography by Kristofer Johnsson

Minimal white cabinets with wall-to-wall floating shelving

I love the way the hood has been built into the layout of this small kitchen with white floors, walls, and ceilings. The hood has been built into a cabinet and has been matched with floating shelves on each side for an integrated effect.

The limestone countertops and the black wall lamp add just the right amount of warmth and contrast to this otherwise white space, while the dark palette of the small round dining table and chairs also adds visual interest to all the white surfaces.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Fredrik j Karlsson for Alvhem

Minimal white kitchen with a zellige tile backsplash and wood finishes

The design of these kitchen cabinets might be minimal, yet the addition of the zellige tiles as a backsplash going all the way up to the ceiling makes this kitchen so interesting. The tiles provide a textured yet neutral backdrop to the limestone counters and the round marble dining table combined with the J39 dining chairs complete the look nicely.

Styled by Pella Hedeby for Nordiska Kök

White cabinetry without hardware for a minimal look

The minimal kitchen cabinetry has the same off-white color as the wall for a tone-on-tone look contrasted by the black faucet and wall lamps. The limestone countertops and the beige full-width curtains add a lot of warmth to the setting with mostly lower cabinets and the black HAY loop dining table combined with the oak J39 chairs match the minimal look and color palette of the space.

Photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

Minimal white shaker cabinet doors without hardware for a minimal yet classy


The classic cabinetry in this off-white kitchen designed by Lotta Agaton doesn’t have any cabinet hardware, which makes this sleek design minimal yet classic. The layout consists mostly of lower cabinetry, which is enhanced by a minimal floating shelf above the sink.

The closed cabinets of the minimal kitchen are joined by a cabinet with a glass front and oak wood inlay which goes perfectly with the large oak dining table and benches by the window. I love that the color scheme of the kitchen cabinets matches that of the walls and ceiling, while the wood tones in the dining area match the color of the hardwood flooring.

via  Nordiska kök

White cabinets in shaker style with a dark limestone countertop

The all-white look of the cabinets, subway tile, walls, and ceiling in this space has been broken up by the dark limestone on the counter. The stainless steel hardware goes well with the classic cabinets and the combination of high and low cabinets offers ample storage space.

via Alvhem

White kitchen cabinets with marble and chrome hardware

The all-white kitchen cabinets, white marble on the backsplash and countertop, and the white floating shelf give this space a clean and bright appearance which has been brought out even more by the chrome faucet and cabinet hardware.

The round white dining table combined with the CH24 wishbone chairs in oak wood softens out the space, while the black wall light fixture from Valerie Objects adds a sculptural touch to the kitchen.

via Alvhem

Off-white cabinets for a warm yet minimal effect

The natural light in this beautiful kitchen is just off the charts and the off-white wall color is matched by the kitchen cabinets for a beautiful tone-on-tone look. The layout of the kitchen consists of low cabinets mostly, with the exception of the single higher module that holds the fridge, and the vitrine cabinet with the oak wood inlay you can spot in the dining room section of the kitchen.

via  Nordiska kök

White cabinets with integrated handles and stainless steel appliances

The integrated handles are most apparent in this otherwise minimal design. The white Carrara marble counters, the stainless steel hood, and the subtle brass faucet add a variety of materials to the setting, while the subtle artwork adds a lovely yet minimal pop of color.

via Sjoman Frisk

Off-white cabinets with granite counters and a rounded island for a warm atmosphere

The granite counters and the round corners on the kitchen island bring the design of the minimal white kitchen cabinet model to a higher level. The light colors and warm tones in this kitchen by interior designer Daniella Witte match so nicely together against a neutral backdrop of lime paint on the walls.

Styled by Daniella Witte, photography by Andrea Papini for Nordiska Kök

Classic white cabinets with stainless steel appliances and brass details and a cozy breakfast nook

The classic off-white shaker cabinets combined with the stainless steel appliances, white tiles, and brass finishes give this kitchen a classy, characterful look. The layout of the kitchen has been fitted around the angled wall and the shiplap-wrapped breakfast nook ties in perfectly with the classic design of the kitchen cabinets and the white-painted wood floor.

via Alvhem

Minimal white cabinets with integrated handles, a calacatta marble backsplash, and chrome pendant lamps

The minimal white kitchen cabinets with integrated handles combined with the marble surfaces in between the lower and upper cabinets of this kitchen give the room a seamless look.

The wood dining table combined with the J39 chairs matches the warm tones of the wood floor, while the chrome Artek bell lamps add a beautiful metallic touch to the white kitchen cabinets.

via Fantastic Frank

White Ikea cabinets with brass details and a subway tile backsplash

White kitchen cabinets come in a wide price range and the white Ikea Veddinge kitchen cabinets applied to this kitchen are one of the most affordable options out there. In this kitchen, the basic cabinets are enhanced with a brass faucet and brass cabinet pulls, and backsplash tile.

via Stadshem

Minimal white cabinets built into a niche

These all-white kitchen cabinets, walls, and open shelving create a very minimalistic kitchen look that highlights the textural material qualities in the wood accents, concrete floor, and stainless steel faucet.

via Reform

Cream white cabinets in shaker style with stainless steel hardware and open shelves

This classic kitchen features cream-white kitchen cabinets in shaker style matched up with classic open shelving for a farmhouse kitchen look. The wall color matches the color of the kitchen cabinets for a cohesive look.

via Kulladal

Ikea Veddinge white cabinets with black cabinet pulls and black open shelving

Another one of those white kitchens utilizing the extremely affordable Ikea Veddinge cabinets as a base for a more contrasting design aesthetic with black floating shelving, black cabinet pulls, black wall lamps, and a small vintage dining table and chairs.

Photography by Jonas Berg via Stadshem

White cabinets in shaker style with the stainless steel stove in the center stage

The crisp white kitchen cabinets and the round marble tulip dining table in this interior pair up nicely with the large stove and hood in stainless steel in the center of the kitchen. The brass rail for pots and pans above the stove adds a lot of character and the dark wood of the CH24 wishbone chairs adds depth to the material palette.

via Bjurfors

A minimal shaker design with subtle brass knobs and grey walls

This white kitchen has a shiplap backsplash on the part with lower cabinets exclusively, which brings a lot of character to the room. The green-grey walls make the white kitchen cabinets stand out nicely and the ultra-thin countertop has a very elegant appearance on the clean lines of the kitchen.

via Stadshem

A cream-white shaker kitchen with chrome cabinet handles and oak inlays

The warm tone of the cream-white kitchen cabinets in this shaker kitchen has been accentuated by the oak inlays in the open kitchen components and behind the glass cabinet doors. These wood tones are matched by the different wood species on the dining table and the dining chairs and the shaker kitchen has been finished off with chrome details and a limestone countertop.

via Kulladal

Minimal white kitchen with white marble tiles and a stainless steel exhaust

The most impressive element in this minimal white kitchen is the beautiful grain in the white marble backsplash that goes high up towards where the stainless steel hood ends. The white kitchen cabinets with integrated handles and the subtle pendant lights finish off this marble-heavy look perfectly.

  • Minimal white kitchen, marble countertops, marble tile backsplash, stainless steel exhaust
  • Minimal white kitchen, marble countertops, marble tile backsplash, stainless steel exhaust

via Picky Living

White cabinets with a shiplap backsplash and black granite countertops

The white kitchen cabinets in shaker style have been combined with a shiplap backsplash and black countertops for a contrasting setting that has been enhanced with a stainless steel fridge and classy open shelving in between the upper cabinets. The black elements come back in the pendant light and the dining chairs as well, which is a nice touch.

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