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1:1 Choke For 2m and 6m
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1:1 Choke For 2m and 6m

Recently, several of my posts have used home brew chokes and baluns. I have been testing them on several different bands at 100w. Since they have been working good, I decided to start posting about them. Today, we will go over the 1:1 choke for 2m and 6m.

Four conductors are required. For this project, 18 awg wire rated at 600v was used. Usually, I use 2 colors, a light color and dark color. 4 colors are used in this post, so it is easier to see each side of the 1:1 choke.

The toroid used, is a T130-0. Put the wire through the toroid and secure it with a plastic tie. I like to have the dark color on the left and the light color on the right.

Wrap the wires around the toroid 6 times and secure the end with another plastic tie. Get the wire as tight as possible around the toroid. Keep the wire in neat wraps and keep both wire right next to each other.

After the first set of wires is secured, position the second set of wires with the light color on the left and the dark color on the right. Secure with a plastic tie.

Wrap the wires around the toroid 6 times. Secure the ends with a plastic tie. Dress the wires and get them as neat as possible.

Twist the light colors together and the dark colors together. The choke is now ready to be connected.

Pictured above is a 1:1 choke with a SO-239 and 2:1 Balun.


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