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🎶 Roll out the barrel 🎶
Hen Party

🎶 Roll out the barrel 🎶

Hi everyone!

This cake was for a 30th birthday celebration for a friend’s hubby, who I presume enjoys a tipple! 🍹

As their daughter is sensitive to lactose, it was a dairy free sponge, flavoured with Sugar and Crumbs salted caramel icing sugar as replacement for caster sugar in the cake batter, and also to make the dairy free ‘buttercream’

The recipe is my standard sponge made with dairy free spread (I use Tesco baking spread) and the butter in the ‘buttercream’ was substituted with Flora Plant butter block.

After carving the cake, it was filled and crumb coated then covered with Select Ireland platinum sugarpaste. I textured it with a Dresden tool, then made up a ‘paint’ using Coloursplash tree trunk and rejuvenator and got my paint brush out!

The stone effect was achieved by pressing lines into the paste with a ruler then texturing with a scrunched up piece of tin foil……very technical I know, but effective I think?

I made up a wash using Coloursplash black and rejuvenator and using my paintbrush, applied it by stippling rather than just brushing.

The bands around the barrel are strips of sugarpaste painted with WonderDust silver, as is the plaque, which was made using a PME cutter 🙂 The ‘ice cubes’ are Fox’s glacier mints, and the alcohol was added by my friend.

All ingredients are lactose free

Sugar and Crumbs flavoured icing sugars, Select Ireland sugarpaste, Coloursplash gel colours, rejuvenator spirit, PME plaque cutters, Cake Star letter cutters, Dresden tool, drum boards and lustre brushes were all purchased from

I hope you like it 😁

Until next time

Stay safe and healthy

Debbie ❤️

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